Dimo’s Labtronics Model 919™ Automated Smart Chart II

With the Automated Smart Chart II you, you will no longer have paper charts for your Model 919™ moisture tester. Plus you will have faster testing times. Simply choose your commodity, enter the sample temperature and dial the drum value, then the moisture percentage is automatically displayed. Standard paper chart temperatures are limited to between 11 °C and 30 °C. The new Smart Chart II increases the measuring range of the Model 919™ by allowing users to enter temperatires above 30 °C or below 0 °C (negative temperatures can now be entered).

The Smart Chart II software is fully pre-configured for the following that can be plugged directly into the unit:

  1. a hand held probe to measure, display and automatically input the sample temperature into the smart chart, eliminating the requirement to manually enter this value. The plug-in probe also transforms the unit into a portable temperature measurement device that can be used to measure soil temperature
  2. a portable 10’ Infra-Red Digital bin probe to instantly measure and display the temperature of stored grain on the Smart Chart II
  3. a permanently installed bin cable with multiple sensors to monitor the temperature of stored grain

The New Smart Chart II is also pre-configured for a semi-automated conversion that will be available for any Model 919™ moisture tester in the near future. This conversion will allow the Smart Chart II to plug into a modified Model 919™ and transform it into a Smart Meter,

able to track and display dial drum values, measure sample temperatures & calculate the moisture percentage at the push of a button.

Test weight conversion charts are also installed in the unit. Simply choose your commodity, enter the grams per 0.5L and the lbs/bu and kg/hL are displayed.