Moisture Testing

Official grain moisture calibrations are developed and maintained for Canadian grains by the Canadian Grain Commission. These calibrations are available for the model 919, 3.5” cell moisture tester on the CGC web site. Official CGC calibrations are also available for the Motomco 919 Automatic series, Seedburo 1200 series, MTC Analyzers 999 series and the Dickey-john series moisture testers.

When purchasing a moisture tester for Canadian use insist it be set up for the Canadian market and that it be loaded with the most recent official grain calibrations developed by the Canadian Grain Commission. Calibrations developed by the USDA will not match those of the CGC.


Test weight

Grain test weights in Canada are measured using a Canadian Regulation Cox Funnel, a .5 liter cup, strike off tool and scale. The procedure to attain this measurement and the conversion tables from grams per half liter to kilograms per hectoliter is available on the CGC web site. The Cox Funnel used by the USDA is built to different specifications than the funnel used by the CGC. Both the American and Canadian Cox Funnel will fit the .5 liter cup so be sure to use the Canadian funnel to achieve the proper test weight.

When purchasing your test weight equipment to be used in Canada specify a Canadian Regulation funnel. Some of the automatic moisture testers will display a test weight as well as moisture. In Canada these test weights are considered approximate only. The official test weight procedure includes the .5 liter cup, Cox funnel, strike-off tool and scale.

When moisture testing corn greater than 20% a test weight adjustment chart is used. The results obtained from a wet corn test weight, using a Canadian Cox funnel and .5 liter cup, and the moisture test obtained from a digital moisture tester will give the final moisture result. These charts are available on the CGC web site.