Moisture Testing

Official grain moisture calibrations are developed and maintained for Canadian grains by the Canadian Grain Commission. These calibrations are available for the model 919, 3.5” cell moisture tester on the CGC web site. Official CGC calibrations are also available for the Motomco 919 Automatic series, Seedburo 1200 series, MTC Analyzers 999 series and the Dickey-john series moisture testers.

When purchasing a moisture tester for Canadian use insist it be set up for the Canadian market and that it be loaded with the most recent official grain calibrations developed by the Canadian Grain Commission. Calibrations developed by the USDA will not match those of the CGC.

Seedburo 1200A Automatic Moisture Tester

• Full-featured backlit graphic LCD display
• Three multifunction keys for easy operation
• Automatic sample size and temperature determination
• Meets NIST Handbook 44 specifications
• NTEP Certified
• Single or averaged measurement for improved accuracy
• Automatic grain discharge after measurement cycle
• RS-232 serial port for external printer or computer connection

The 1200A Automatic Moisture Tester is calibrated based upon comparison to the airoven method as specified by the official Grain Standards of the United States. It provides this equivalency, to the air oven, quickly and accurately. The 1200A determines the quantity of moisture in the grain sample by evaluating changes in its electrical characteristics due to the presence of moisture. Using internally stored calibration data, the change is automatically displayed as percent moisture in the grain.

In order for grain samples to be fully representative of the entire lot, grain should be sampled according to Federal Grain Inspection guidelines with a grain probe. Samples should then be thoroughly mixed and divided using a Boerner or Cargo Divider.

In addition, the size of the sample should be as large as possible. This is accomplished by using the 1200A Automatic Moisture Tester that has a 3-1/2″ test cell, which for most commodities can contain sizes up to 300 grams. The tester automatically determines the correct sample size for the user and no external scale is required. The 1200A will also automatically correct for temperature.

Testing is accomplished with the push of a button. Turn the 1200A on, scroll through the menu screen, choose the commodity to be tested, pour the sample in the hopper and the 1200A will complete the rest of the cycle without user interaction. The results are displayed on the screen, along with the temperature, which can then be sent to the optional printer for a permanent record. The 1200A is also available with Canadian grain charts and thermocouple.

Actual dims. – 10-1/2″ L x 14-3/4″ W x 17″ H, Ship Dims. – 21″ L x 16″ W x 23″ H
Net wt. – 22 lbs, Ship wt. – 25 lbs

Seedburo 1200D-CAN Digital Moisture Tester

The 1200D Digital Moisture Tester is easy to use. First, scroll through the menu and select the commodity to be tested, weigh a 250 gm sample (varies according to the commodity being tested) with a scale accurate to 0.5g) place sample in the dump cell and press the measure button. The sample will automatically fall into the test cell, which contains the temperature-sensing probe accurate to 0.5ºC, and within a matter of seconds, the tester will display the percentage of moisture (ranges from 5% – 40%, depending upon the commodity) in the sample. The temperature is also accessible through additional screen selections.

• Full-featured backlit graphic LCD display
• Built-in temperature probe
• Single button operation
• Connects to optional printer or PC
• Universal power supply and optional 12V battery adaptor
• Internal calibrations available for over 200 commodities
• Single or average measurements for improved accuracy
• English or Spanish display
• Available with Canadian grain charts

Actual dims. – 10”L X9.9”W X 11”H, Ship dims. 18”L X 15”W X 11”H.
Net wt. 11 lbs, Ship wt. 16 lbs

MTC Moisture Analyzers 999ES

The model 999ES is a fully automatic moisture meter. All the operator needs to do is to select the desired grain and place the requested sample amount in the dump cell. The moisture tester will verify the temperature, read the moisture and dump the grain into the tray upon completion of the reading.

• Fully automatic
• Built in thermometer
• Automatic temperature compensation
• Automatic sample size determination
• Memory for up to 250 grain types
• Serial (RS232) port for PC or printer connection
• USB port for chart download and moisture reading record
• Single or averaged measurement
• Hardware and software self tests
• Resolution: 0.1%
• Dump tray detection
• Open base for direct dumping of samples

MTC Moisture Analyzers 999S

• Resolution: 0.1%
• Full range : 90 ~ 240 volts
• Built in thermometer
• Bushel or hectoliter weight measurement
• Foreign material measurement
• Damaged kernel measurement
• Serial port(RS232) for printer or PC connection
• USB port for chart download and moisture reading record
• Large LCD display
• Hardware and software self tests
• Single or averaged measurements
• Capable of storing up to 250 grain types
• All operational instructions and readings results are displayed on the LCD screen. Foreign material, damaged kernel and test weights can be done before or after the moisture reading or can be disabled in the setup screen.


GAC2100GI Non-NTEP moisture tester

The GAC2100GI is a Non-NTEP moisture tester, which tests for moisture in 16 standard grains, with the same precision as the GAC2100B. But if you do not require a Commercial, Legal For Trade instrument, the GAC2100GI is at a more economical price for you. These units provide moisture reading, sample weighing, estimated test weight or density, temperature compensation and moisture correction automatically. Most often these are the best choice for the International customer market.
Actual dims. – 16″L x 15.25″W x 14.75″H., Ship dims. 23″L x 22″W x 19″H.
Net wt 26 lbs, Ship wt. 36 lbs

GAC2100AGRI – Non-NTEP ‘Farm Use’ Moisture Tester

The GAC2100AGRI is a ‘farm use’ moisture tester, non-NTEP, and is calibrated for 8 commodities. It is ideal for the larger farmer who stores his own grain and is economically priced. The tester provides a moisture reading, automatic sample weighing, test weight or density, and temperature compensation automatically. See the following link for up to date calibrations lists for this model.
Actual dims. – 16″L x 15.25″W x 14.75″H. Ship dims. – 23″L x 22″W x 19″H.
Net wt. 26 lbs, Ship wt. 36 lbs.

GAC500XT – Test in the field or at the bin

Analyze your grain for moisture, temperature, and test weight in the field, at the bin, or anywhere with this compact, and cost-effective unit. The GAC500XT gives accurate, consistent results with the push of a button and provides + or – 0.2 moisture repeatability (depending upon application) on crops such as cereals, oilseeds, grass seeds, vegetable seeds, and beans.

The unit stores up to 16 calibrations and you can simply download the files from the Dickey-John web site and choose from more than 450 grain and product calibrations listed there.

The unit is available with a choice of power sources: 110/220V, DC converter, or cigarette lighter. It is also preloaded with 10 different languages.

The GAC500XT delivers the fastest, most convenient on-farm moisture testing you’ll find. Simply choose your grain, load the hopper, and press a button. Semi-automatic loading means there is not need to level samples.

Actual dims. – 10”L x 8”W X 11”H, Ship dims. -11.5”L X 10.5”W X 12”H
Net wt. 12 lbs, Ship wt. 14 lbs

GAC2100B – NTEP Commercial and Legal use Moisture Tester

The GAC2100B, blue in color, is the NTEP approved model for use in all commercial, Legal for Trade, applications within the U.S. This model has all of the features of the required of NTEP moisture testers, such as built-in hopper sensors which sense when enough grain is present for testing. Simply fill the hopper, press the load button and the test is performed automatically. Moisture percentage, test weight or density, and temperature are displayed on a large LCD backlit display. It has a built-in memory for 64 standard grain calibrations and can display in 8 different languages. This tester can also be set-up to integrate with your automatic grain sampling system for smooth flow-through operation. The GAC2100B has new feature. The feature is that the drawer has to be inserted into the machine before the doors will open and the sample will drop into the test cell. The drawer that comes with the machine has a magnet attached to it that closes a switch, which enables the strike off motor to operate.

For those that want the sample to flow through the unit upon completing a measurement, the bottom of the drawer may be removed while allowing the drawer (with magnet) to be inserted back into the unit. This provides a drawer without a bottom that acts somewhat like a funnel. This in turn allows the grain to flow through the GAC2100B into a larger container of choice. This feature was added to keep the operator from spilling grain on their counter without having the drawer inserted. The GAC2100BSA model is only available for our international customers, where the NTEP requirements do not apply. This model does not have the extended sample hopper for detection of sample volume. This version has all the same features that the Model GAC2100B has, but can not be used within the U.S. for commercial grain testing.

Actual dims. – 16″L x 15.25″W x 14.75″H. Ship dims. – 23″L x 22″W x 19″H
Net wt. 26 lbs, Ship wt 36 lbs

Mini GAC and Mini GAC Plus

Using US federal grain standards, the technology in the Mini GAC and Mini GAC Plus is based on the GAC2100B moisture tester calibrations.

• Menu-driven operating system
• Internal scale (no pre-weighing)
• USB compatibility for calibration upgrades
• Test weight readout in the MINI GAC PLUS
• Over 450 available calibrations
• Automatic Temperature compensation

The Mini GAC measures moisture by capacitance, conductance, internal scale and temperature. The moisture range is 5-45%, depending upon the grain type, and has a grain temperature range of 32 – 122ºF (0-50ºC). The Mini is a whole grain moisture tester and sample size is approximately 1 pint. It has an LCD adjustable contrast display. It can hold twenty (20) grain calibrations, but the user can choose from over 450 calibrations that will available on the Dickey-John web site. Complete with 9V battery, carrying case (Plus model only), funnel assembly, belt clips, instructions and 1 year warranty.

Actual dims. – 11.9″H X 4.8″W x 8.3″D
Net wt.- 2 lbs 7oz

Model 919™

The Model 191 features rugged die-cast aluminum housing for maximum durability. The state-of-the-art technology features electronics with solid state transistors instead of vacuum tube technology, so no tubes to burn out. The moisture content can be obtained from a sample in less than one minute. The test cell and body are calibrated as a Unit and errors in calibration may occur if the cell is interchanged with another tester. All new Model 919™ Testers have the easy to read, time tested analog meter movement with orange needle. Extremely portable, it includes a 9 Volt DC Plug, allowing the unit to be transported and used under any field conditions. (9 DC volt battery is not included). Accuracy is within 0.1% when properly calibrated

Used Model 919 3.5” cell Grain Moisture Tester