Protein Tester - IM9500The IM 9500 uses industry standard near-infrared transmission to analyze samples, but innovates with several key components. As a result the IM 9500 is more accurate, more stable over time and requires less maintenance than other analyzers.

Single Block Optics The monochromator is machined from a single block of metal, with a rigidity of structure not available in other instruments. It makes the instrument more accurate by being less sensitive to vibration and changes in temperature that disturb the light path of older design instruments.

It also means that all instruments are produced identical as there is no assembly of parts, just the high precision machining. Additionally, it makes the instrument more economical to own as a single block monochromator has a much longer lifetime than other designs.

NIST Wavelength Standard All instruments are standardized at the factory to a NIST wavelength standard (National Institute of Standards and Technologies).

This means that all instruments use the true wavelength scale, and hence give the same results when analyzing the same grain samples.

Reference Pellet Check Sample By analyzing the certified pellet check sample, users can be certain that the instrument hardware is performing to specification and has not changed. It provides a traceable performance record.

Combine these features with essentially unlimited results storage, Windows connectivity, low cost of ownership, and contemporary styling, and the IM 9500 is simply the best instrument available.

Second Protein TesterDesigned for farm conditions, this rugged meter is ideal for testing grain for moisture, protein and oil. An automated shutter protects the tester from light, insects and vermin to ensure reliable, low maintenance operation for years to come.

Portable – Compact, light enough to hand carry and powered by 12V, or battery (up to 2 hours), the Inframatic 8800 goes with you where you need it most: in the pickup truck, in the cab of the header and to the silo. The optional carrying bag protects the IM 8800 and is useful for transporting the instrument to inspection sites, fields etc. It’s also useful for long-term, protective storage of the instrument after harvest.

GPS – The Inframatic 8800 is equipped with a GPS so you can create protein maps of your fields. Make fast harvesting and binning decisions to manage your grain quality.

Protein maps allow farmers to extract additional profit by identifying pockets of premium grain.

Topography, fertilization, and run-off are known to cause variation in protein content within a field. The Inframatic 8800 helps you get the most value from the grain you are already producing.