AgraStrip Pro GMO

The AgraStrip Pro GMO test system enables the rapid and simple on-site quantification of GMOs in corn, soybeans, and canola.

AgraStrip Pro GMO strips are extremely sensitive and designed for use with the AgraVision Pro reader.

Limit of detection (LOD) is as low as 0.1 % GMO in bulk grains, with the option to test for Roundup Ready, Roundup Ready 2, and Liberty Link traits. A high-sensitive method for RUR and LL55 in soy has an LOD of 0.05 %.

Testing is simple. All you need to do is grind a representative sample of grain and shake it with the liquid buffer. Let the solids settle and transfer liquid to a cartridge inserted in the AgraVision Pro Reader. Then, walk away. Within minutes, you have a quantitative result.