Perten Aquamatic UGMA moisture meters

UGMA technology provides improved moisture testing accuracy for all grain types.

Perten AM 5200-A

Perten AM 5200-A is a second generation moisture meter based on UGMA and 150 MHz technology. In only 10 seconds, you get accurate moisture results for cereals, oilseeds, beans, lentils, and more. Test weight and temperature results are also provided.

The AM 5200-A is ideal for commercial operations. This model offers greater accuracy across a wide range of moisture values and grain temperatures (-20 to 45˚C). With its updated connectivity features and USB data transfer, you can print or download results for future reference. The meter can also be integrated with a scale receiving ticket system to automatically populate the system with data.

View more information on the PerkinElmer website, watch a demonstration video, or download the brochure.


Calibration chart download link:

You can update the calibration charts stored in your Perten AM 5200-A unit by downloading the latest version of the Canadian file and following the instructions on the PerkinElmer (Perten) website.


Please note: This update is not for AM 5200-Farm units.

Perten AM 5200-Farm

The Perten AM 5200-Farm model employs the same technology as the AM 5200-A. This meter can be programmed with up to 12 commodities and delivers moisture results in 25 seconds. Test weight and temperature results are also provided.

You have the option to enter a field ID and location for each sample and can easily download results to use in farm management software for further analysis.

The AM 5200-Farm moisture meter allows producers to make informed decisions for drying and storing, and helps ensure there are no surprises when delivering grain to a commercial elevator.


Perten AM 5200 transportation locks

Perten AM 5200-A and AM 5200-Farm moisture meters have two transportation locks that protect internal components. Information about the locks is found on the back of the moisture meter, on the lid of the box, and in the user’s guide.

You must release both locks before powering the unit.
You must apply both locks before moving the unit in a vehicle or carrying it to a new location.

View this video to see a demonstration of setting the locks and packing the unit for transport: