Perten Inframatic protein analyzers

Perten Inframatic 9500

The IM 9500 uses industry standard near-infrared (NIR) transmission to analyze samples, but innovates with several key components. It is designed to be used at grain facilities and labs to analyze a wide range of grains and oilseeds for protein, moisture, and oil in less than 30 seconds.

The monochromator is machined from a single block of metal, with a rigidity of structure not available in other instruments. This makes the instrument more accurate by being less sensitive to vibration and changes in temperature. Additionally, it makes the instrument more economical to own as a single block monochromator has a much longer lifetime than other designs.

The short analysis time combined with the simple sample handling makes the Inframatic 9500 one of the fastest whole grain NIR analyzers in the market. All the operator needs to do is to select which type of grain to analyze and pour it into the funnel. No manual settings or changes are necessary.

Combine these features with essentially unlimited results storage, Windows connectivity, low cost of ownership, and contemporary styling, and the IM 9500 is simply the best protein analyzer available.

The IM 9500 weighs 34kg, or 40 kg if it is equipped to provide unofficial test weight results. If you are looking for something more portable, the Perten IM 8800 is a great option.

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Perten Inframatic 9500

Flour analysis

Using the optional Flour Module, the IM 9500 NIR instrument can quickly analyze flour for moisture, protein, ash and more. For flour millers, this turns the IM 9500 into a flexible analyzer used both for grading incoming wheat and monitoring the milling process.

Flour moisture for Falling Number testing

Measure the moisture of flour using the optional Moisture Module. This allows you to improve the accuracy of Falling Number results by adjusting the amount of flour based on the sample’s moisture content.

Perten Inframatic 8800

The IM 8800 is a portable next-generation near-infrared (NIR) instrument for farm and grain elevator conditions to measure protein, moisture, and oil in grain and oilseeds. The instrument has been designed with portability in mind to give users freedom to measure grain in-field, at storage sites, and at processing locations.

Solid state components and diode array technology mean there are no moving optical components. The lack of moving parts makes the instrument rugged and robust. The IM 8800 is standardized to the IM 9500.

Compact, light enough to carry, and powered by 12V to 24V, or battery (up to 2 hours), the IM 8800 goes with you where you need it most: in the pickup truck, in the cab of the combine, and to the silo. The standard carrying bag protects the IM 8800 and is useful for transporting the instrument. The carrying bag can also be used for protective long-term storage of the instrument after harvest.

Perten Inframatic 8800

Optional GPS functionality allows you to create protein maps of your fields. Variability of protein in wheat within a single row has been shown to be up to 6%. Protein maps allow you to extract additional profit by identifying pockets of premium grain.

View more information on the PerkinElmer website or download the brochure.