Manual sampling tools

Open-ended probes are widely use for grain sampling.

Spiral probes are highly recommended for sampling grains because foreign material is likely to be heaviest near the bottom of a trailer. The openings on the inside tube rotate so that it opens first at the bottom and then in gradual steps to the top. This assures a fair proportion of grain samples from the bottom levels as well as from the top.

Grain collected in open-ended grain probes is released by turning the probe upright, allowing the sample to flow from the handle into a container.

Brass probes

Our brass probes have an outside diameter of 1 3/8″ and are of double-tube construction with heavy bronze points. Openings are 3-3/8″ L x 7/8″ W.

We carry two models of brass grain probes:

  • 8’ open-ended probe
  • 8’ spiral open-ended probe

Aluminum probes

We offer a spiral open-ended aluminum probe that is 6’ (2 m) in length. You have the option to add a T-handle that makes it easier to insert the probe in the grain.

The tube material is duralumunium that is anodize coated to ensure a low weight and long lifespan of the probe. The redesigned coned tip and removable T-handle make it easier to insert the probe in a load of grain and reduces the chance of flexing or even break the probe.

  • Low weight
  • Metal cone tip that will serve the entire lifespan of the probe if used properly
  • Durable tube packaging for transportation and storage
  • Removable metal handgrip (optional add-on)

Scoops and triers

Scoops and triers are available upon request. Please contact us for more information and we will be happy to help you find the right tool for your needs.