Seed counters

Seedburo 801 Count-A-Pak® seed counter

The Seedburo 801 Count-A-Pak incorporates microprocessor technology with a vibratory feeder bowl system. Electromagnetic vibratory action moves the seeds upward along the track where they are arranged into a single file, one layer deep, before they are discharged. As a seed travels down the chute, it is detected by a microprocessor controlled sensor. Unlike electric-eye counters, this sensor sensitivity is adjustable. This means that chaff or other undesirable matter is not counted.

Operating functions:

  • Totalize: Registers a complete count on a pre-weighed or volumetrically measured portion.
  • Batch count: Accurately counts a predetermined number of seeds in a single batch.
  • Repeat batch: Allows for the continual repetition of a single batch count.
  • Multiple batch: Can be set to count numerous batches with different seed counts and quantities.


  • Quick disconnect of the feeder bowl for easy and complete clean-out.
  • Touch panel that enables the user to program the 801 while visually keeping track of the seed count, batch or group count, sensitivity, and speed settings.
  • Bag detection system that prevents double filling of bags or spilling when a bag is not present.
  • Adaptable control console for both 7″ or 10″ feeder base.
  • Data interface capabilities allow for direct printer attachment, data logger, or computer interface.
  • Optional foot switch for total hands-free operation.

Power requirements: You specify voltage (115V or 230V) and cycle (50Hz or 60Hz).

Seedburo 77 Count-A-Pak® seed totalizer

The Seedburo 77 Count-A-Pak seed totalizer quickly and accurately counts seeds in a given weight or volume, such as seed count per pound or 1000 kernel weights.

The speed of the feeder is adjusted by a built-in control on the feeder base. The plug-in circuit board can be equipped with 7″, 10″ or shallow 10″ feeder bowl.

Power requirements: You specify voltage (115V or 230V) and cycle (50Hz or 60Hz).