Perten FN 1000

Perten Falling Number units are the only validated instruments for Falling Number testing according to these international standards: AACC/No. 56-81.03, ICC/No. 107/1, ISO/DIS 3093.

The Perten FN 1000 performs simultaneous analysis of two wheat flour samples and averages the results. The system is designed for safety and ease of use.

  • Automatic water level control: The FN 1000 automatically controls the water bath level, which improves the consistency of results.
  • Auto-start: When test tubes are placed in the water bath, the FN 1000 starts the test automatically while awaiting confirmation from the operator.
  • Insulated water bath: The FN 1000 is designed with an insulated water bath and a plastic outer part on the cooling lid, making it safe to touch and protecting operators.
  • Reduced steam: The water bath briefly turns off at the end of tests allowing operators to remove the tubes under reduced steam.
  • Connectivity: The FN 1000 is equipped with 4 USB ports and one Ethernet port, enabling simultaneous use of printers, data capture connection, bar code readers, and more.

To see the unit in action, watch Perten’s demonstration video on YouTube.