Test weight equipment

The only approved method to determine test weight of Canadian grain is with a

  • Canadian Regulation Cox funnel
  • 0.5 litre cup
  • striker tool, and
  • scale

Some moisture meters and protein analyzers display a test weight value. In Canada, these test weights are considered approximate only.

Refer to the Canadian Grain Commission’s website for the proper procedure for determining test weight of Canadian grain.

The CGC provides test weight conversion charts for Canadian grains. These charts are updated periodically, so check the website to ensure you are using the latest version.

Important note about Canadian and USA Cox funnels

Please note, the Cox funnel used for test weight determination in the USA is built to different specifications than the funnel used in Canada. It can be difficult to tell the difference because both the USA and Canadian Cox funnels fit on a 0.5 litre cup. However, due to the slight difference in design, there is variation in how grain falls and compacts in the cup that affects the grain volume.

Cox funnel

We carry Cox funnels in two materials: heavy non-corrosive metal and plastic.

Be certain you are using the Canadian Cox funnel for Canadian grains. The Canadian Regulation Cox funnel meets government agency specifications of a 4.41 cm drop from an opening 3.81 cm wide.


0.5 litre cup

We carry 0.5 litre cups in two materials: heavy non-corrosive metal and plastic.

Striker tool

A striker is piece of round hardwood, 2.2 cm in diameter and approximately 23 cm in length.