AgraVision™ Pro Reader

The AgraVision Pro reader detects the presence of numerous mycotoxins and GMO traits and delivers quantitative results.

Developed by Romer Labs, the AgraVision Pro Reader allows you to add the sample and then walk away while the reader incubates and reads the test strips. Test strips are available for a range of mycotoxins and GMO traits. Results are quantitative.

Enjoy the intuitive, automated operation of the AgraVision Pro reader. No more errors in incubation timing and temperature. No more cups or cutting test strips.

The reader can independently and simultaneously test up to 4 samples. For example, you can start a test in portal 2 while portal 1 is in use. The reader controls the timing, temperature, and flow of each test portal.

With its integrated incubator and resistance to dust, the reader delivers precise results within minutes.

Results are in percentage form. You can print and download results with ease.

Romer Labs AgraVision Pro reader